International Financial Reporting Standards-1

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About the Course

This course will provide students with knowledge on the formation and adoption of the international financial reporting standards, their basic concepts, and the requirements for the preparation and content of the financial statements used in the international practice. It will also prepare them for practical issues on financial reporting.

Course Objectives


Students will get an understanding of the basic rules for financial reporting, which exist and are used globally nowadays


The course reviews the basic standards of financial reporting


The course gives knowledge on how to recognize the underlying concepts and principles of IFRS

The learner will be able

1. To record transactions and events

2. To prepare and analyze financial statements

3. To analyze and understand the statement of cash flows

4. To get the basics of accounting

Course Syllabus

Week 1. The Conceptual and Regulatory Framework for Financial Reporting

Week 2. An Overview of The Standards: Accounting for Assets and Financial Instruments

Week 3. Recording Transactions and Events

Week 4. How to Prepare Financial Statements

Week 5. Cash Flows: Introduction and Basic Definitions

Week 6.How to Analyze and Interpret the Financial Statements


Высотская Анна Борисовна
Школа финансов: Доцент


To master the discipline the knowledge of the foundations of linear algebra, calculus, probability theory and mathematical statistics will be helpful

Graduation Document

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21 000 ₽

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