Financial Markets and Instruments

This course covers such financial institutions as rating agencies, pension funds, hedge funds, venture capital and private equity funds, and sovereign wealth funds

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About the Course

The course is focused on the features and the use of various types of financial instruments including stocks, bonds, and derivatives. It covers financial intermediation, market infrastructure, and regulation. The emphasis is made on general economic intuition rather than on quantitative models.

The course syllabus corresponds to the majority of learning outcome statements of CFA levels 2 and 3 and can be used as a preparation resource for CFA certification. The course is a major professional core course of the Specialization.

Financial Markets and Instruments is the introductory course, which is required for the further study of asset pricing using various quantitative models. These topics are covered in the Theory of Finance.

Course Objectives


The course provides a detailed and thorough understanding of how financial markets work


The discipline helps develop analytical and practical skills in the area of the financial market


Explains the distinguishing characteristics and features of financial instruments in markets

The learner will be able

1. To explain the differences between various types of financial instruments

2. To understand the role of financial institutions in different types of financial markets

3. To predict future trends in financial markets

4. To identify the key drivers of national stocks and bond markets

Course Syllabus

Week 1. Overview of the financial system. Emerging and growth leading economies. Trends in financial markets

Week 2. Equity securities. Equity markets

Week 3. Fixed income securities. Corporate debt market. Credit Risk Analysis and the Role of Credit Ratings

Week 4. Mezzanine Financing. The Nature of Financial Assets Trading

Week 5. Final Project: Financial Market Analysis


Гришунин Сергей Вадимович
Школа финансов: Доцент

Малышев Павел Юрьевич
Школа финансов: Доцент


To master the discipline the knowledge of the foundations of linear algebra, calculus, probability theory, and mathematical statistics will be helpful

Graduation Document

Earn a Certificate upon completion


Learning Activities



Low-Stakes Assignments


High-Stakes Assignments

Final project

Cost and Conditions

21 000 ₽

Full access to the learning materials + Graduation document

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