Basics in computer vision

This specialization is intended for a wide range of specialists who want to start getting acquainted with the direction of Computer Vision. In the frame of the specialization, students can organize their mathematical and programming skills necessary for the development of algorithms in the field of Computer vision, as well as learn how to use the OpenCV library for analyzing two-dimensional images. The OpenCV library is widely used by computer vision application developers, so students will be able to apply the skills acquired in this specialization in their real practical activities

  • Online Specialization
  • 3 courses (11 weeks)
  • Flexible terms
  • Time to completion: 66 hours 
  • Begginer level
  • Certificate
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About the specialization

During the course "Mathematics for ComputerVision", students will complete the project “Use matrix filters and set functions to detect the edges of an object in the image”. During the working at this project, students using Python programming language (Jupiter's notebook), will implement the application that performs the required functions. All operations will have to be implemented independently without using third-party libraries. At the course "Object-oriented Programming", students will apply the acquired skills and develop an application in C++ programming language. At the course "2D Image Processing", students will design the application -Development of C++ application that use OpenCV to detect and count coins in a given image. In addition, they will test the quality of created detector application


Калягин Валерий Александрович

Кафедра прикладной математики и информатики (Нижний Новгород): профессор

Слащинин Сергей Владимирович

Факультет информатики, математики и компьютерных наук (Нижний Новгород): Приглашенный специалист

Савченко Андрей Владимирович

Кафедра информационных систем и технологий (Нижний Новгород): профессор

Демидовский Александр Владимирович

Кафедра информационных систем и технологий (Нижний Новгород): старший преподаватель

Павлова Анастасия Дмитриевна

Кафедра прикладной математики и информатики (Нижний Новгород) – аспирант


Alexander Smorkalov

Faculty of Informatics, Mathematics and Computer Science: Guest lecturer

Vasily Shamporov

Guest Lecturer

Egor Churaev

Guest Lecturer



A bachelor’s degree in Math, Engineering, IT, Computer Science, or any other relevant technical field is preferable

Graduation Document

Earn a Certificate upon completion



Cost and Conditions

13 000 ₽

Full access to the learning materials + Graduation document

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