Социологическая теория и исследования

Sociological theory and research is a one year course for the first year BA students in social sciences. The main goal is to develop advanced skills of reading, understanding, and critically discussing different sociological theories and to integrate conceptual thinking with contemporary empirical research

  • Общеуниверситетский факультатив 
  • сентябрь 2023 года; лекции по средам: с 18:10 до 19:30; семинары по субботам с 14:40 до 16:00 (группа 1) и с 16:20 до 17:40 (группа 2)
  • 39 недель (8 кредитов)
  • Лекции: 68 часов; семинары: 68 часов; самостоятельная работа: 168 часов
  • В гибридном формате
  • Сертификат

About the course

Throughout the course, students deal with questions relating to the nature of sociology; the methodology and methods which sociologists use; and the major sociological perspectives. The classical foundations of sociological theory, beginning with the works of Marx, Weber, and Durkheim, are discussed and followed by those sociologists of the 20th century who had some effect on how we think about and do sociology

The course is designed to


Broaden and deepen students' engagement with theory and empirical research in sociology


Develop skills of reading, understanding, and critically discussing different sociological theories 


Integrate theorizing with empirical research for exploration of the ways different theories, methods and evidence can shape our understanding of events and phenomena 

Course main goals

1. To make students familiar with sociological concepts and theories and to challenge commonsense perceptions and understandings on contemporary social issues 

2. To make students able to apply a sociological understanding of class, stratification, race, gender, sexuality, age, ethnicity, nation, deviance, generations, family, social embeddedness of economic actions, consumption, networks, health, media, religion and war

3. To develop students’ understanding of what it is to think like a sociologist with specific focus on the issues of theoretical conceptualization and research methodology

4. To engage students in critical and creative thinking and writing on major social and sociological problems by reading and discussing the selections of texts from classical and contemporary sociologists


1 Sociology as a Perspective

2 Key principles of Sociological Research

3 Research designs in Sociology

4 Three epistemological approaches in sociology

5 Research Methods

6 Ontological debates

7 Materialist and conflict approach to social process (Marx)

8 ‘Sociologism’ as a way of thinking (Durkheim)

9 Social action and ‘verstehen’ approach in sociology (Weber)

10 Sociology of G.Simmel - content and forms of social interaction

11 Social construction of reality

12 Class and social stratification

13 Markets and money

14 Race and Ethnicity

15 Nation and nationalism

16 Gender and sexuality

17 Family

18 Life course

19 Crime and deviance

20 Religion

21 Conflict and warfare

22 Health and medicine

23 Digital media

24 New forms of sociation

Кузина Ольга Евгеньевна

Кафедра экономической социологии: Профессор

Нам Никита

Лаборатория экономико-социологических исследований: Стажер-исследователь

Target audience

First year BA students in social science

Документ об окончании

После успешного освоения материалов курса выдается сертификат установленного НИУ ВШЭ образца



Формат обучения


Гибридный (проведение лекции в аудитории с онлайн-трансляцией, Zoom)


Гибридный (проведение семинаров в аудитории с онлайн-трансляцией, Zoom)

Промежуточный контроль

Home assignments (10%) - 8 short essays (no more than 1000 words) Perusall scoring (10%) - e-book reader with collaborative annotation tools to ensure that students read and come to class prepared One long essay of 1500-2000 words (20%), deadline: 15th of May Class participation activity (10%) Tests (30%) - 2 diagnostic tests to identify students strengths and weaknesses

Итоговый контроль

An achievement test (20%), designed to show the mastery of the syllabus. It will be made in a form of unseen written examination at the end of the course 

Стоимость и условия

8 тыс. ₽

Полный доступ к материалам курса + сертификат




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