First Steps in Linear Algebra for Machine Learning

The main goal of the course is to explain the main concepts of linear algebra that are used in data analysis and machine learning. Another goal is to improve the student’s practical skills of using linear algebra methods in machine learning and data analysis. You will learn the fundamentals of working with data in vector and matrix form, acquire skills for solving systems of linear algebraic equations and finding the basic matrix decompositions and general understanding of their applicability

  • The course is related to the online specialization ''Mathematics for Data Science"
  • Flexible Terms
  • 4 weeks (3 credits)
  • Time to completion: 21 hours
  • Online
  • Certificate
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About the Course

This online course is suitable for you if you are not an absolute beginner in Matrix Analysis or Linear Algebra (for example, have studied it a long time ago, but now want to take the first steps in the direction of those aspects of Linear Algebra that are used in Machine Learning). Certainly, if you are highly motivated in study of Linear Algebra for Data Sciences this course could be suitable for you as well

Course Objectives


Learn basics of operations with matrices


Understand how to use operations with matrices to find solution for a system of linear algebraic equations (SLAE)


Apply rank to determine the number of linearly independent solutuions for a system of linear equations

Learning Outcomes

1. Understand the properties of a set of solutions for a system of linear equations

2. Explain Eucledian vector space and how to measure distances and angles in it

3. Understand the support vector machine (SVM) method

4. Analyze the data and make conclusions on the findings

Course Syllabus

Week 1. Systems of linear equations and linear classifier

Week 2. Full rank decomposition and systems of linear equations

Week 3. Euclidean spaces

Week 4. Final Project

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Some background in Python programming language and algebra

Graduation Document

Earn a Certificate upon completion



Learning Activities



Low-Stakes Assignments


High-Stakes Assignments

Final project

Cost and Conditions

17 000 ₽

Full access to the learning materials + Graduation document

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