Communication theory:
bridging academia and practice

Online classes are created to tell about principal theories of interaction sphere and its realistic administration. Our course is targeted at academical access, methods of investigation, actual cases, examinations and study

  • Massive Open Online Course
  • Flexible Terms
  • 9 weeks (2 credits)
  • 20 hours
  • Online course
  • Certificate
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About the Course

Communication is all around, there is no interaction without cooperation, everyone needs to apply it. Thus, regardless of your education during the program you will gain information in different fields of communication: from interpersonal to indirect.

We will talk about the main aspects of communication: interpersonal, group, mass and indirect. We will concern the point how global corporations can use communication to achieve business success and take into account that factors like management skills as well as media competence are particularly important in the highly developed world. And we will definitely study throughout the program why and what for communication influences so much on every spheres of life

Course Objectives


Give the abstract base for communication learning and applied administration


Know the concept of communication and the main points of it


Inform about main figures in various spheres of connection

Learning Outcomes

1. Deductively interpret pragmatic events by means of theory and in contract

2. Realize the part of theory in the examination of problems in interaction

3. Accurately apply the communicational speculations to explain the interaction of major professional spheres

Course Syllabus

Week 1. Introduction

Week 2. Interpersonal communication

Week 3. Group Communication

Week 4. Public Rhetoric and Persuasion

Week 5. Mass communication and media effects

Week 6. Social Media

Week 7. Theories of PR

Week 8. Critical Theory in Communication

Week 9. Theory guided communication

Мордвинова Мария Андреевна

Заместитель руководителя школы, доцент: Факультет креативных индустрий / Школа коммуникаций

Соловьева Ольга Геннадьевна

Приглашенный преподаватель: Департамент интегрированных коммуникаций/Факультет коммуникаций метода и дизайна


  • For bachelors in different areas;
  • For people who desires to update the knowledge to be more theoretical oriented; 
  • For all experts in advertising, marketing, public relations, social and mass media

Graduation Document




Learning Activities



Low-Stakes Assignments

Tests, peer review assignments

High-Stakes Assignments

Final test