Business Strategies for Emerging Markets

This online course is about the specific conditions and the most efficient practical approaches to succeed in emerging markets. You will learn first-hand instruments, cases and thinking patterns to grow a business strong against uncertainties and competition

  • Massive Open Online Course
  • Flexible Terms
  • 8 weeks (2 credits)
  • 24 hours
  • Online course
  • Certificate
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About the Course

The HSE course aims to transfer the fundamental knowledge and to form the basic competencies necessary for the development and the implementation of a business strategy in an emerging market.
The course requires the knowledge of basic economics concepts as the pre-requisite. It is preferable that the students have some practical entrepreneurial or marketing experience, but this is not obligatory.
The course has a distinct stress to the practice of strategic management. Although a few fundamental theories are mentioned, the bulk of the ideas are based on simple though efficient applied model that are easy to understand and convenient to use. The multitude of examples and stories from the personal consulting and managerial experience of the author are the hallmark of the course. The author’s original drawings make the key concepts well memorable ad cozy to deal with.
This distant course consists of 8 topics with 5-6 videos each. 
After each topic you will be offered to pass a short multiple-choice test

Course Objectives


Know how to plan and run the strategic process within a company


Generate strategic visions


Generate scenarios organize a strategic session

Learning Outcomes

1. Market analysis

2. Value proposition design and development

3. Business modelling

4. Strategic analysis and choice

Course Syllabus

Week 1. Generating business core idea

Week 2. Designing your business model

Week 3. Elaborating your value proposition

Week 4. Choosing and supporting strategies

Week 5. Business tactics

Week 6. Recognizing strategic opportunities

Week 7. Managing sales in emerging markets

Week 8. Strategy implementation


Плотников Михаил Вячеславович
Кафедра общего и стратегического менеджмента (Нижний Новгород): профессор


Management and business students
Marketing professionals
Sales managers
Top managers 

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Learning Activities



Low-Stakes Assignments


High-Stakes Assignments