Business Analytics:
Diversity of Practical Applications

This course is designed to open the doors of the world of business analytics. Nowadays a lot of organizations make their decisions based on data-driven approach. How to make the right decision? Which methods are used in multinational companies? This course is about demonstrating the diversity of real cases and applications of methods, techniques, and theories in various areas

  • The course is related to the online specialization "Network Analytics for Business"
  • Flexible Terms
  • 7 weeks (2 credits)
  • Time to completion: 23 hours
  • Online course
  • Certificate

About the Course

Each week of this course is a piece of a puzzle where you will meet different experts from the industry who will share with you best practices from the market. Bringing together all the pieces you will understand the key definitions used in business analytics and will learn about data analytics techniques which can be applied in marketing, sales, PR, HR, and finance. “Business Analytics: Diversity of Practical Applications” aims to help you to navigate in the variety of career opportunities which are opened for business analysts

Course Objectives


Understand key terms in business analytics and role of business analyst in modern organizations


Be able to build model for measuring efficiency - Data Envelopment Analysis model - in R


Be familiar with main areas of consumer and market research for making business decisions

Learning Outcomes

1. Business Analytics

2. Social Network Analysis

3. Business Process

4. Performance Measurement

5. Text Mining

Course Syllabus

Week 1. Introduction to Business Analytics

Week 2. Performance Evaluation

Week 3. Social Network Analysis: Applications for Organizations

Week 4. Data Analysis Process: Consumer and Market Research Application

Week 5. Contemporary Text Analysis

Week 6. Business Process Management and Financial Modelling

Week 7. Final Project

Elena Beylina

International laboratory for Applied Network Research: Analyst

Valentina Kuskova

Visiting professor

Lisa Chernenko

International College of Economics and Finance: Lecturer

Ilia Karpov

International laboratory for Applied Network Research: Junior Research Fellow

Kirill Mikhin

Russian Direct Investment Fund: Invesment Analyst


No specific background required

Graduation Document

Earn a Certificate upon completion



Learning Activities



Low-Stakes Assignments


High-Stakes Assignments  

Final project

Cost and Conditions

17 000 ₽

Full access to the learning materials + Graduation document

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